(Longo) momento rock -- 10

Trechos de recentíssima entrevista do Gene Simmons (Kiss) ao site "The Onion"...

Sobre os roqueiros que acham que o rock é arte:
"None of these guys ever took any music-theory lessons or anything, and that includes me. None of us ever took the time to go to music school, and we can't, to this day, read or write musical notation. We never took music lessons to learn about that. So the deluded notion that we're making anything other than sugar is nuts. I'm not saying that sugar doesn't taste good, but it burns fast. It's not meant to last. This is not classical music. It's modern, popular music, and for somebody who isn't really qualified to call himself a musician to claim he's making art is, at the very least, delusional."

Sobre os montes de merchandising da banda:
"The more the better. Immediately, I saw that we were a rock 'n' roll brand, not just a rock 'n' roll band. See, the rest of the guys with guitars around their neck want credibility. I don't want credibility. That means nothing. Remember, none of these guys learned how to play their instruments properly. They all did it by ear, the lazy man's out. So a big word like "credibility" coming out of a guy who's unqualified to say anything other than "Do you want fries with that?" is delusional. I've never deluded myself about what this is. Kiss appears in comic books and puzzles and condoms and anything else we damn well please. I'm happy that the rest of the bands are afraid of merchandising themselves. They should all be afraid of it, and leave it to Kiss to do everything. And this is just the beginning. As far as I'm concerned, KISStianity is next. I'm going to build my own shrine, and then every dollar I get is going to be tax-free. What do any of the other religions have that we don't have? It's all smoke and mirrors, anyway."

Sobre tipos e ondas da música pop:
"The rule of proper behavior for a hip-hop artist is, you're supposed to be a criminal. You know, the more criminal stuff you have in your past, the higher your credibility. There goes that word again. You wear cowboy hats to get more credibility if you're a country star. If you're a punk kind of guy, well, it's more about how you are: spit-in-the-face, that type of attitude. Each and every one of these genres has rules. And I say, in the nicest possible way, 'Fuck them all', The rules are made to be broken, as far as I'm concerned, because the original spirit of rock 'n' roll was, 'There are no rules'."

Sobre os críticos:
"Critics are an unnecessary life-form on the planet Earth. A long time ago, David Lee Roth said something that I found very apropos. He said, 'You know why critics love Elvis Costello and hate Van Halen? Because critics look like Elvis Costello'."

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