Hoje tem show de Hélcio (voz e teclados), Marcos (batera) e este vosso escriba na guitarra, lá no ChoppGol, na rua Felipe Camarão, 8, Vila Isabel, próximo ao Planeta Chope.

E por falar em roquenrou, a Entertainment Weekly deu hoje, depois da BillBoard e da VH-1 na sexta...

KISS reconsider retirement, plan tour - Paul Stanley says the band will put the face paint on again, three years after farewell tour
From: Entertainment Weekly
Nearly three years ago, after a long and storied career, Kiss launched a worldwide farewell tour, with bassist Gene Simmons saying the band wanted to go out on top. Now, however, it looks like they want to go out again. On the band's website, guitarist Paul Stanley says the band still wants to rock and roll all night, and party ev-e-ry day. "People do change their minds, and in this case that goes along with being a living, thinking person," writes Stanley, explaining the about-face. "What one says one day with total commitment may at another time turn out not to be so. Am I doing this for the money or the fans? BOTH, and let's not forget I'm doing this for me. That is the reason I originally started playing: because I wanted to, and only I can decide ultimately when to stop."

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