Fala, moçada, estou de volta. E com uma bela definição de rock and roll do Gene Simmons em recentíssima entrevista concedida à "Rolling Stone":

"...And when you think about it historically, rock & roll is exactly that: white people coming together with black people and inventing this other kind of thing, which black people didn't sing and white people didn't sing. So rock & roll is itself when two different kinds of people get together. Ultimately, of course, it's about sex. A lot of critics have never really gotten that. They didn't get it then, and they don't get it today. Some of the harshest criticisms of rock bands, including Kiss, have been, "Ah, all that stuff is all about sex, sex, sex." Well, moron, by definition "rock & roll" means that. "Let me rock & roll you all night long" doesn't mean "let's quote Nietzsche and Kierkegaard to each other and discuss existential philosophy." These guys read too many books and never get laid. I think you need to get laid more and read a few less books -- a little balance in life."

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

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